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The heart is an incredible vital organ, and its well-being is one of our most valuable health assets. It pumps the equivalent of 2,000 gallons of blood through its chambers each day, delivering nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body. Simultaneously, it removes carbon dioxide and other waste materials produced by the cells and eliminates them. Proper care of the circulatory system is essential to prevent it from becoming clogged or restricted in its natural flow. Factors such as being overweight, lack of exercise, poor diet, and smoking can strain this system, particularly the heart.

According to the British Heart Foundation, heart and circulatory diseases collectively account for over a quarter of all deaths in the UK, causing more than 161,000 deaths each year. Our Heart Health range includes products with ingredients that provide a wide range of bioavailable nutrients, offering comprehensive support for the circulatory system. Additionally, these supplements support other organs and systems in the body, such as the immune system and liver, to reduce the strain on the heart caused by factors like high toxic load, free radicals, high levels of acidity, or unhealthy levels of fat in the blood.

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